Friday, 7 February 2014

Primark nails- ideal for Valentine's Day

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about nails!

Valentine's Day is very close and we women want to look our best from top to toe. Personally, every valentine's day I was going and paying loads of money to do my nails. This year though I have discovered a cheap alternative.

I went to Primark the other day and I bought these adorable nails only for £1.

I always wanted to make my nails look long and pointy but it is very expensive to do them like that. And £1 is not bad at all. BARGAIN!!!

The pictures following will show you a simple tutorial how I made my nails and the end result!!

So let's start:

These are my nails before. I know they are horrible ahhh...

If you have already a nail varnish on your nails like me you should remove it. You can use any nail varnish remover and any cotton pads.

Yep, this is better. Now we are absolutely ready to put our new fake nails on. **Excited!!**

Firstly, we take the instructions and we read them carefully so we know what we are doing.

Do not worry, it is the top left bit that we need to read, not all of it haha.

Next, you can measure the fake nails on your nails and find the ones who fit best. Then you can put them in line so they will be ready. Like this:

Note: If any of the nails are too long you can shorten them by using a simple file. Do not worry it will not break or ruin them. I tried it :) .

When everything is ready and you are happy with them, you take the glue that comes together with the nails and you should apply just a thin layer to your whole nail. One nail at a time, not all together. (This is based on the instructions).

Then, you place the fake nail on your nail avoiding your cuticle and you press it for about 5 seconds. Do the same process with the glue and the nail for all the nails separately.

Yes, here I am pressing it for 5 seconds. Sorry I do not have three hands.

And, we are ready!!! It is very simple and easy to do. Here are some photos of the end result.

Conclusion: I am very happy with these nails!! And they are only £1 pound! WOW! I will definitely go back to Primark and buy more of these nails and other ones with different designs.

Thank you all for reading!!!

Talk to you later very soon!

Christina xoxo

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A little walk to the shops and a very mini haul

Hello everyone,

Today I was off from work and the weather was strangely nice and sunny so I decided to go around the shops to look what is on.

I did not go around in all of the shops but I visited River Island, Primark and Superdrug. You see, I am after some high heels for valentines day, a new mascara and cheap bits from primark.

First, I went to River Island. There are so many nice things, from clothes to shoes and accessories. I loved everything. There was even a section with pastel colours. I got some photos for you to see and get in the pastel spirit.

 Then I found this red dress which I thought that it would be nice for a valentines day outfit. What do you think?

Then I went to the shoe section. I am thinking to wear a dress on valentines day and I need some high heels. Here are two pairs that I found interesting. What do you think?

Also I found these shoes. They are so cute and vintage. I did not know whether to buy them or not but after some thinking, which I need a lot before I buy something, I think I will go and buy them haha. They will go so nice with everything.

Next stop was Primark. I just went around to see what's on as I have not been there for a long time. I tried some things but I was disappointed, they were too big and they did not have them in smaller sizes. In the end I bought some fake nails which are new in stock and they are french pointy nails. That's would be interesting to try. I will write a blog post and make a tutorial on them very soon.

Then I went to Superdrug. I wanted to go there to buy the new manga mascara but I was unlucky, it was out of stock. I looked around for other products and I found a smokey eye palette from collection. It looks interesting. The perfect item that I needed for valentines day. I will definitely make a tutorial and blog post review about it. There other palettes for blue and purple eyes.

That's the end. 

Thank you for reading.

Christina xx

Monday, 3 February 2014

My favourite January beauty products

Hello everyone,

In today's blog post I am going to talk about something very interesting that I like reading and watching videos about it. And it is my January beauty favourites.

Tomorrow I will also publish on my blog my January random and fashion favourites. So do not forget to check back. :)

So let's start!!!

My first beauty category is face:

1)My favourite product for my face for the month January was the "Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser". I got the pink one for dry to very dry skin. The most dry parts of my face are my forehead and my nose. I decided to buy this moisturiser as I wanted to try something new and cheap at the same time. I am very happy that I bought it and I recommend it to everyone to try it out. Whenever I put it on my face it makes it soft and instantly moisturised. It also makes my skin to glow( in the nice way, no it does not make you look like a vampire) and my face looks more radiant and fresh. Plus it stays all day.

My second beauty category is eyes:

1)I am in love with the "MUA Undressed  eye-shadow pallet". It is said to be the dupe for the naked pallet but in a cheaper version. I love all the colours on this pallet and I have used them all of them. They are very easy to use, for an everyday look to a glamorous night look They have all tones of brown from light to dark brown which go with any skin tone and outfit. I am very happy with this product, the pigment is good and the options that you have in the colours are spot on. I highly recommend it.

2) Another eye product is the "Rimmel micro eyeliner". I recently bought this product but I quickly fell in love with it. I thought it would have been difficult to learn how to use it but I was wrong. It is so easy to use, even easier than using a pencil eyeliner. With this eyeliner you can make the line as thick or light as you want, it glides so easy and you can make mistakes very rarely. I will definitely repurchase this product.

My third beauty category is lips:

1) Firstly, is the "Collection Little Mix collection from Perrie". This colour is so beautiful. It is the perfect purple, not very bright  and not very dark. It was not what I wanted at first but it became quickly my go to lipstick. I wear it everywhere and I got many compliments for this lipstick. It is so perfect when you can not be bothered to wear a lot of make up and when you put this lipstick it makes you feel good first of all and second of all it makes you feel like you put some effort in your make up routine.

2) Secondly, I loved the "Collection lipstick from the Gothic Glam collection- Number 3 Revenge". It is a very dark winey colour. These types of colours are now in fashion and wearing them make you look very fashionable and rich. I love this colour as it is very easy to combine it to. You can only wear simple make up with it such as mascara and eyeliner and look perfect. It is a lipstick that you can wear for nights out and make you stand out.

3) I also love the "Bourjois- number 51 Sweet Kiss". It is a sweet red, orangy pinkish colour. It definitely suits all the skin tones and will make you look very beautiful. I love this colour when I especially wear all black. It is not a all red colour to make you feel a bit out of the water but still makes its job. It suits very well with black clothes and gives a pinch of colour that you need.

4) Last but not least, in the month of January I loved "Maybellines Pink Baby lips". It is so perfect I can not believe it. It is like a lipstick but a moisturising lipstick. It gives me a sweet pink colour and it makes my lips so soft. What else do you want from a lip balm?

My fourth beauty category is hair:

1) "VO5 give moisture" shampoo and conditioner. I love these two products and I have never been so excited for some hair related products, My hair from dry and tangly became soft and easy to "put through your fingers". I have repurchased the shampoo and I will the conditioner as well.. when it will finish. I am very happy for using these two items as they make my hair very soft and also they smell nice. So if you are looking for some good shampoo and conditioner then you can try "VO5 give me moisture".

2) This is a new item that I have tried during the month of January and I love it. It is the "Superdrug style expertise curl creme". I was told by my hairdresser to stop using mouse on my hair as it makes them dry and tangly and start using cremes instead. I found this in superdrug in a very good price and decided to give it a go. I am very surprised by it as it defines my curls and the next day are in a good shape as well. Plus it does not dry my hair or leave substances on them.

Lasly, my fifth beauty category is perfume:

1) I love the "Diesel Loverdose" perfume so much especially for this month. It is quite a wintery perfume. It is quite strong but sweet and it is perfect when going out and for good occasions. When I put it on I feel very special and I know that I smell nice as the smells stays on me.

These are all my beauty favourites for the month of January.

Thanks all for reading!!!

Christina xx

P.S press on the photos to navigate to the websites so you can learn more about these fabulous products. :)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Interesting places around the UK- must visit: 1. Liverpool

Hello everyone,

I had an idea to write different blog posts about places that I have visited around the UK. I hope you will like my idea and my blog posts.

Today I want to talk about an interesting place that I have visited and I would like to recommend it to all of you. This place is in Liverpool and it is called Quiggins.

It is something like a shopping mall inside full of colours and with many small shops and stairs. It is like a labyrinth inside and you can discover so many things it is unbelievable. It has three floors that you can discover and every floor has many small shops.

There are some vintage, hippie, piercing, gaming, magician, art, comic, vinyl shops and many more.

This is quite scary but the art was made by pieces of newspaper and glitter. And no, this is a doll not a real person standing in a wedding dress haha.

This is a hippie shop. I loved it a lot. It was full of colours and character. They had some really nice things for the house to add some pop of colour like the lanterns above me.

Someone is looking at you, be careful not to get scared when you enter the building. We thought that it was a real person and we jumped with fright.

Anyway... haha
It is so colourful inside and in every corner you can find a small shop that you did not even realised that it was there.

This is the ceiling, it has different drawings on it. I visited this place a lot of times but it was the first time that I noticed it. Sometimes things like that happen, we just need to look at things in more detail and not take everything for granted. That was deep.. :p

The website for this place where you can find more information for it is:

I hope you enjoyed my today's post.

Take care everyone,
Christina x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How to protect yourself from the icy cold winter!!

Hello everyone,

Winter has arrived a long time ago but the worst are still to come. It now become colder and colder and it was estimated that soon it will snow.

With the winter going from bad to worst we need to take some steps to protect not only our outer self but also our inner health.

I came up with 6 categories with some ideas that how to keep healthy during the horrible winter.

First category: Use hand creams- Our hands during the winter get very dry and start breaking and this hurts a lot. To prevent dryness you can use different hand creams of your choice. Hand creams will keep your hands moisturised and soft and they will smell nice as well! ;) Personally, I use my hand creams whenever I step outside in the cold and before I go to sleep so my hands will keep moisturised during the night.

My top hand cream picks are:
1) Nivea- cream:
2)Dove- Rich nourishing cream (I think they changed the look of the packages):

Second category- Use lip balms- Like hands lips get very dry during the winter. And dry lips are horrible as they break out as well. I hated it when last week I tried to bite my sandwich and opened my mouth and my lips just ripped open a bit.. ew I hate this when it happens. So now I have learned my lesson and I use lip balms all the time. I even use lips balms more than lipsticks as some lipsticks are very dry and make my lips worst.

My top lip balm picks are:
1) Maybelline- Baby lips in pink( the colour does not matter):
2) Primark- lip balm in vanilla( I love it, it smells really good as well)
3) Next- lip balm in coconut( mmm i love coconut)

Third category: Use face moisturiser- It is very important to take care of our faces as we can not cover them as we will not be able to see and it is also creepy to cover your face to be honest. As you understood cold makes everything dry so our face gets dry as well. Face moisturisers can keep your face healthy, hydrated, shiny and beautiful. I personally use face moisturiser in the morning and before going to sleep.

My top face moisturiser picks are:
1) Nivea- cream:
2) Garnier- Moisture match:

Fourth category: Use body moisturisers- Even though we can cover our bodies with clothes and etc, still it is very important to keep it moisturised as cold can pass through our clothes and can cause dryness to our body. Using body moisturisers will help to keep our bodies soft like a baby's bum!

My top body moisturiser picks are:
1) Johnson's- body care 24hr moisture:
2) Avon- silky moisture with argan oil:

Fifth category: Drink loads of water- Water is very essential for our every day well being. Now that it is winter our bodies forget very easily that we need water as it is not hot to make us crave it. We need to remind our selves to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Do not forget, our bodies consist of water anyway so it is very important to drink it ;)

Sixth and last at last category: Take vitamins- Not only our outer self is important to take care but we need to take care also our inner self. The sun helps a lot to our health as we take many important vitamins from it. Unfortunately, during the winter with the lack of the sun (especially in England) our body can not get these important vitamins. Not taking these vitamins will make our body to run down and some common symptoms that can appear are: feel moody, down, not motivated, sick, have headaches and dizziness. 

My top vitamin picks are:
1) Vitamin C- helps generally to feel better. :
2) Iron- especially we women need to take iron every day. :
3) Zinc- It even helps to make our hair stronger and not to fall. :
4) Fish oil- Even though it sounds disgusting it is very good for our health. :

These are my top tips to keep yourself healthy during the winter.

Take care,
Christina x